Truth: Changing small things in your life can add up to big results. 


Efficacy is number one in the minds of consumers when it comes to cleaning products. So we wondered, if a non-toxic cleaner could be just as effective as chemical cleaners, would busy moms choose it? Utilizing a mix of media—video, billboards, digital and social advertising—the #CLEANBETTERDOBETTER movement is letting families know that the unique formulation of non-toxic, citric extracts in Lemi Shine delivers a dramatic clean that is safer for their family.

People have already switched to “better-for-you” products in food and beverage—so why not make the switch to a cleaner that’s better for you, too? Getting rid of harmful products without compromising efficacy is better.  And Better IS the new perfect.


Lemi Shine’s sales are up. Way up. And the brand’s unaided recall has jumped from near zero to more than 13 points in less than 4 months. This unexpected, innovative ad campaign has key grocery accounts excited about carrying the product line, which is rapidly accelerating distribution goals. And traffic to the Lemi Shine’s website from social channels and direct search has increased by more than 80 percent.








“Ampersand puts me and my team at the center of a creative collaboration that is transparent and thoughtful. I’ve always loved my job, but now, it’s even more fun because creative is driving positive results, not discounting. Can you say, more margin?”